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Child labor laws

Child labor laws

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Millions of children around the world are engaged in paid or unpaid type of the work which includes domestic, manual, agricultural and others types of work, which lives them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This practice is deeply rooted in poverty. Children have proven to be hard working employees and they don’t get any kind of compensation for that.
In Australia annually is imported tobacco that is worth over 16$ millions of dollars which is produced by child labor. They work in inhumanly conditions and are often subjected to nicotine poisoning and the public in Australia is usually unaware of origins of cigarettes that they are smoking.

According the ILO more than 168 million of children around the are included in child labor and 85 million is engaged in dangerous type of work.

African region is the second largest in the world that has highest number of child labor. About 59 million of children was estimated to work some unpaid work. By the statistic only one out of five children is paid for their work.

The United States have large set of statutes and rules that regulate the employment of minority. The child labor laws are applied to all children under the age of 21. The children under the age of 14 are forbidden to work in non – agriculture jobs and the children between 16 – 18 year can be employed for unlimited hours in non – hazardous jobs.
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Considering the in various states, everyone has minimum requirements, age of the child and position where the child is working, who many hours it will be working per day, how many hours it will be working per week? United States Department of Labor has listed in every state the minimum requirement for agriculture work. The law is less strict in this area, allowing the children to work unlimited hours on a farm or over the summer break.

imageActivist on behalf the Human Rights Organization in USA in 2009 have discovered that hundreds of thousands of children are working unlimited hours on a farms and in hazardous conditions. They are exposed to poisonous pesticides and heavy injuries.  drew attention to the children in the villages, these children drive cars and tractors without a license and that often leads to incidents to more detail navigate to this web-site .

The child labor can hardly be eradicated, but there are ways to stop this practice.

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